Courses Offered - Department of Polymer and Process Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Courses Offered
Core Courses
Biochemical Engineering
Bioprocess Technology
Business Environment
Business Statistics
Checmical Engineering Thermodynamics
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design
Chemical Recovery-I
Chemical Recovery-II
Cogeneration and Energy Management
Communication Skills
Computer Aided Design
Computer Based control system in Paper Industry
Corrosion & Wear
Departmental Elective-I
Departmental Elective-II
Departmental Elective-III
Departmental Elective-IV
Departmental Elective-V
Design of Control Systems
Elastometer Science and Rubber Technology
Environmental Management
Equipment Design and Safety
Essentials of paper manufacture
Essentials Of Paper Manufacture//Transport Phenomena
Essentials of Pulp & Paper Making
Financial and Management Accounting
Financial Management
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid Particle Mechanics
Heat Transfer
Industrial Economics & Management
Industrial Hazards Management
In-plant Training
Institute Elective-I
Institute Elective-II
Institute Elective-III
Institute Elective-IV
Institute Elective-V
Institute Elective-VI
Introduction to Pulp and Paper Manufacture
Macromolecular Chemistry
Major Project
Management Training & Seminar
Managerial Economics
Marketing Management
Mass Transfer
Material and Energy Balance
Material Handling and Management
Minor Project/Practical/Case Studies
Modeling and Simulation
Modeling & Simulation
Modelling and Simulation of Paper Making Processes
Open Elective
Operations Management
Operations Research
Paper Making-I
Paper Making-II
Paper Properties
Piping Design
Plant Design
Polymer Blends
Polymer Characterization
Polymer Composites
Polymerization Reaction Engineering
Polymer Materials
Polymer Processing-I
Polymer Processing II
Polymer Processing-II
Polymer Product Technology
Printing and Packaging Papers
Printing & Packaging Paper
Process and Plant Design
Process Automation
Process Engineering and Plant Management
Process Engineering Strategy
Process Instrumentation
Process Optimization
Process System Analysis and Control
Process Technology
Pulping I
Secondary Fiber Processing
Specialization Eelcxtivew-I
Specialization Elective-II
Specialization Elective-III
Specialization Elective-IV
Transport processes
Elective Courses
Advanced Polymeric Composite Materials
Advances in Chemical Recovery
Advances in Papermaking
Advances in Paper Making
Advances in Pulping
Advances in Pulping and Bleaching
Advances in Stock Preparation
Air Pollution Abatement
Application of Biotechnology in Pulp & Paper Industry
Bio, Biomedical & Biodegradable Polymers
Biotechnology in Paper Industry
Coated and Speciality Papers
Control System Engineering
Design of Experiments
Ecology and Environment
Electrokinetics in Papermaking
Electronic & Conducting Polymers
Energy Resources & Management
Fibre sources & Management
High Yield Pulping
Management of Bio Processes
Management of Mechanical Operations
Manufacturing Information Systems
Modern Converting Operations
Nano Polymeric Materials
Non wood fibre processing
Paper Converting
Paper Making Chemistry
Paper Mill Calculations
Paper Physics
Polymer for Paper
Polymeric Film & Packaging Technology
Processes Integration in Paper Industry
Pulp Mill Calculations
Risk Analysis and Management
Secondary Fiber Processing
Statistical Methods
System Closure and Sustainable Pulp and Paper Manufacture
Wet End Chemistry
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